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Client Success Stories


Lesley- 53

"Kinections helped me crush my COVID-2020 Goals. 26" & 31 lbs. Imagine what you can do with their support!"


Jodi- 49

"Kinections has changed my life both mentally & physically. It has given me so much energy. I am fitter, stronger and mostly healthier. Kinections has changed my attitude towards food, exercise and how I feel about myself."


Connie- 55

"Thanks to having a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), I have been a part of two Kinections Challenges dating back to November 2018. I am so glad I didn't back out of the challenge, it has really paid off for me. I am overall healthier with a huge improvement in my level of fitness!"


Shawna- 48

"It's more than just physical changes I've seen from weight loss to muscle definition, I've seen changes mentally as well. I am way more confident in my body and who I am."

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